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Before long, Sabrina lands on the ground on Cloudbreak Islands, knowing the Skylanders were still there. She then lowers herself to the ground before slowly crawling closer to the gates of Woodburrow; the feral fury snarling under her breath as she got closer with every step. As soon as she got to the gates her grasps the golden bars of the gate and starts to bend the bars to the sides with brute strength. Tessa heard the bending golden bars of the gate, "Something's.... Something's attacking the town! Quick get the Skylanders!" Rufus gasped and runs towards the arena; where Fryno and Pop Fizz were training. "Oh Skylanders!" Rufus called out to the fire and magic skylander. "There's something attacking the town! Can you two please save the town?" With that Fryno and Pop Fizz rushed out of the arena with Rufus. The evilized Sabrina glared around before screeching as the two skylanders came into her view. Pop Fizz gasped upon seeing the evilized night fury - someone all the skylanders knew. He muttered the words. "...Sa...Sabrina...? But how..?" The large fury snarled, approaching her friend-now-enemies the crystal-like spikes begin to glow with dark energy, powering up her plasma blast greatly. "Sabrina stop! It's me, Pop Fizz!" She didn't listen, as for now, she served the side of evil. Sabrina then leaps towards the blue gremlin-like skylander with her claws outwards. "DIE!" The fury shouted in a echo-like-dark tone, Pop Fizz's eyes widened and his pupils shrunk.

Sorry that I had to ruin the suspense so soon XD

Part 1: sabrina-the-morpher.deviantart…
Part 3: sabrina-the-morpher.deviantart…
Part 4: sabrina-the-morpher.deviantart…
Part 5: sabrina-the-morpher.deviantart…
TmntLover111 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
POP FIZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooo! *arrives in Skylands* You know what, I am just in Skylands now, forever, ok guys? Ok. *as a dragon* Well this is bad.
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